Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The return of TechTV?

Well......sort of. For those who don’t know, TechTV was one of the best television networks ever conceived. It was staffed by a super geeky crew who were actually EXCITED about the technology content they discussed. The network acquired a cult following during its relatively short run. Then, almost out of nowhere Comcast completely lobotomized the network and ruined it. The good shows were cut, the talent was fired/left, and the network's audience (male 18-36) was alienated. In its place, Comcast started airing mindless blather geared towards (in my opinion) kids under the age of 14. The good news? TechTV is being reborn as and will be broadcast on the internet. This will enable them to keep the cost as minimal as possible while still providing the awesome content we all love and miss.

Click HERE to read more about it.


Blogger MrsSmurf said...

Great news Blogman! You should be excited.

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