Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Georgia Congresswoman McKinney gets the BOOT!!

In what is sure to be a good day for the rest of the country, the racist/offensive/moronic excuse for a politician Cynthia McKinney has lost the democratic primary. For those who don’t remember, she is the Congresswoman who assaulted a Capitol Hill police officer after being asked for ID as she ran through a checkpoint without so much as stopping or acknowledging who she was. After the incident became public, she actually had the nerve to suggest that the policeman’s actions were racially motivated (because only racist police would stop a raving lunatic that attempted to rush into congress without an ID and without stopping when asked by authorities). As if that repugnant display wasn’t enough, she has also gone on record saying that the Bush administration knew about and allowed the 9/11 attacks to happen. All I can say is GOOD RIDDANCE!!!


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