Friday, August 11, 2006

I LIKE my carry on luggage....

Just when I was beginning to be able to deal with air travel, yet another incident has occurred that shakes my confidence regarding this method of travel. The Islamic extremists have now come up with a way to take down an airplane using something as innocuous as a bottle of water. The very fact that these monsters are innovating new ways to murder hundred (if not thousands) of innocent people is highly disturbing. If nothing, it should be a wake up call to those of the belief that "if we pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan the terrorists will leave us alone". That statement of ignorant bliss is what has led us to the current state of affairs. We must crush these terrorists at every chance we get. All of society must carefully watch what is happening in Europe and the Middle East and realize that the terrorists plan on bringing this carnage HERE, as soon as they have the opportunity.


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