Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Looks like snow.....

Did anyone notice how hot it was/is today?? The current temperature here in NYC is showing as 95 degrees, with a "feels like" reading of 106! This is certainly the warmest its been here in a while. I had the "pleasure" of seeing some chick rolling around in a fountain in Washington Square Park this afternoon; right next to a homeless guy with no shoes and a dog. While I am all for people cooling off when its hot, people need to understand that there is a REASON public (and private!) pools use chlorine. Right before I snapped this picture the girl was laying in the fountain, completely sumberged (including her head) while laying on her back. After she surfaced she had a nice chat with the super clean and delightfully smelling homeless guy you can see hovering over her. Shortly after that a dog walked on through the fountain. Unbeleivably, shortly after all of THAT a lady let her infant son run around naked in this same tepid pool of filth. Some people are a bit too crazy for me!!!


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